Monday, July 18, 2011


Imam Malik

When he was young and wanted to learn and gain knowledge, his mother would gave him an advice and say "Go to Rabiatul Raid (a scholar during his time) and learn from his adab (manners) first before learning from his knowledge"

He listened to his mother's advice. He would finish learning from the Imam for one year, but he remain with him for the next 19 years. When people asked him why? 
He said, "I took one year to learn from his knowledge, but 19 years to learn from his manners. He was an ocean in manners. They way he dealt with his fellow scholars, they way he dealt with the ignorance, the way he dealt with children and the way he dealt with the ruler; Everyday and every experience of his was a lesson of adhab. And I wish for the past 20 years, I would just learn from his manners alone"


  1. assalamu'alaikum wrt.

    adik akak, pekaba? (: sukanyaa tgk blog dia nie. xD

    anis, akak mtk maaf sgt2.
    akak tak jwb fon bbrpa hr nie. fon tinggal kat umah, tp akak ada kat umah nenek. bz sket dgn kenduri bbrapa hr nie. sepupu kawin, jd byk persiapan. kena tlg sikit2.


    rindu anis. sangat2~ take care syg.
    tq for the emails. :D

  2. Salam akk, i miss u too for Allah sake..

    akk ada lecture tiap2 hari for the last 10 days before ramadhan online..
    start tiap2 pagi pukul 7.45am sampai ramdhan
    ada nouman ali khan!! alhamdulilah :)...