Friday, October 28, 2011

The Gift

Just like Prophet Muhammad saw and Abu Bakar.
Prophet Musa and Prophet Harun. 
You are a gift from Allah.
A true sahabah.

Indeed strength only comes from Allah.
But a weak creation like me.
Couldn’t stand to face this challenges and tempatations alone.
I needed your advice.

Allah had sent you
So that I could always be remembered of Him
And I am forever grateful
For this sisterhood

Hand in hand
Shoulder to shoulder
We face this world together
Towards the same direction

Hope that on the Day of Judgement.
Under His Shade.
Is where we meet again.

As a prove of this solid friendship.
Ties only by the Creator.

I turn to Allah to make our hearts close to Him.
Truly, Love you only for His sake

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