Tuesday, June 21, 2011


“MashaAllah…..! She is a very pious sister!”
“Do you know that he lowers his gaze when he walk?!”
“And the beard..!!!!!”
“His jubah is above his ankle, Tabarakallah…! Very modest..!”

I’m sure you have heard all this comments before. People that dress in a certain way are called modesty. Big Hijab. Niqab. Loose-fitting Jubah.

But then the question arise,
Is part of being modesty is what confirms with the appearance?
Obviously there’s a missing element here.

The inner dimension of modesty

Being modesty is not just when you are outside, being seen by people,
but also when you are with yourselves and your attitude towards Allah.

The real value of modesty is what
Guides your thought and your desires.
Directs your actions and the content of your speech

“When you are alone, what are things that you will usually think about?”
Do you keep wondering around and end up in useless thoughts?
Or committing sins that you wouldn’t even think of doing it if someone is there?

The Prophet told a man he was advising: “I advise you to have shame with Allah as you would have shame (in the presence) of a righteous man from your people.”

When we develop modesty and shamelessness in our hearts, then it becomes easier for our thoughts, desires, conversation and actions to reflect modesty.

So how to gain modesty?
  1. Refrain from shameless talks and actions
  2. Consistently observe the obligatory and recommended worship. “Verily prayer prevents from shamelessness and evil deeds”
  3. Surround yourselves with righteous people. This is because if you want to remain pure, you have to be in a company that will improve you. A Mujahid said, “If a Muslim benefits from his brother is the feeling of shame of committing sins due to the presence of his brother, and this prevent him from sinning, than that would be sufficient.
  4. Remove oneself from corrupted environment. A believer must always be alert with environment that contains lagwu (anything that could be in terms of speech or actions that doesn't bring any benefit in your deen)
  5. Gain knowledge by studying the example of modesty from the Prophet and His companions.

“When you do something remember that Allah sees you, and when you speak remember that Allah hears you and when you are silent, remember than Allah’s knowledge of your inner thoughts and feelings”

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