Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Mother or the Police Officer?

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim.

In the praying area of the mosque, a seven year old boy  ran around and screamed on top of his voice, oblivious of his surroundings. He was totally caught up in his own little world. However, the commotion was realised by a  police officer standing nearby who quickly demanded that the boy sat quietly but to no avail.  In fact the boy defiantly screamed even louder. 

A while later, the little boy's mother came and was confronted by the police officer who reported about his son's mischief.  To the police officer's surprise, just as his mother showed her disapproval look and raised her hands up pretending she may spank him as punishment, the boy quickly sat down and kept quiet like a good little boy. 

In reality who is more powerful in terms of position and having the authority?
The police officer or the mother?
"...The police officer..."

BUT who is more powerful to the little boy?
"...The mother..."

Because he understood the credibility of a mother and the consequences of not obeying her orders.

Hence the issue here is not, who is MORE POWERFUL but who is MORE POWERFUL IN YOUR HEART

This matter goes back to our relationship with Allah swt.

By reality, Allah swt is the  Most Powerful, but why do most people prefer to obey their desire? Because the power of the desire is more powerful in the heart.

Before a person think about being obedience to Allah swt, The Greatness of the One of whom he should obey should enter the heart first.

So don't tell people, "Why don't you wear hijab?", "Why don't you pray?", "Why don't you fast" or "Don't do this or that, it is haram" 
How could they obey something without understanding the greatness of the one of whom he or she should obey?

The love of Allah swt should enter the heart first, then it becomes easy for him or her to be obedience to Him.

Allah knows best.

Waallahu 'Alam.

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